April 18, 2014 Christi

National Poetry Month: the Whys

Word to the Whys4-sieve


Writing the least of yourself

is a tight-mesh strainer.

What sieves through the other side

is pure soul captured.

First moments sometimes bitter, even rancid—

rind rank with utter lack, boredom, and a million whys.


Persevere. It’s there.

Allow the wander,

write for wonder,

lay bare juicy creation.

Get wise to the words

ripened inside.



As we continue our journey, sometimes faltering, through National Poetry Month, kjfields is a beacon. KJ is a founding member of the Burn Wild workshop and has ticked off a poem every day of the month so far.

We are grateful for the beauty and wisdom here, and to be sharing in this experience together. Thank you, KJ!

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