Discovering, Defining, and Delighting in Your Creativity

Working with a coach builds a foundation under your dreams. You can move toward authorship goals with a feeling of purpose, or make sense of that relentless inner drive to create.

I’m known for imparting delight and confidence in the creative process. Your ideas will be validated. You’ll find affirmation for your one-of-a-kind talents and voice.

You’ll have a cheerleader and guide as well as expertise and accountability.

Are you a public speaker with self-published books who can’t get herself to write the next one?  Are you a nonprofit director who procrastinates writing grants until it’s almost too late? Or, it might be you’ve always wanted to explore your storytelling side. Deep down you’ve longed to write a romance, mystery, how-to book or memoir.

We’ll pay attention to your vision. You’ll be immersed in a unique coaching process, meeting weekly or bi-weekly, paying close attention to the ways your talents are unfolding. You’ll gain enormous growth and receive regular doses of the life-changing encouragement I’m known for.

I offer two kinds of coaching.

Writing Coach

As a writing coach, I spark you to identify the project of your dreams. Then I help you start, develop, and complete it. I’ve individually coached eighty-seven writers over the past 11 years, helping them to believe in themselves and write. I’ve enabled the creation of now-published guidebooks, self-help books, memoirs, blogs, children’s books, nonfiction, short stories, articles, newspapers, and poems. My writers, from age 9 to age 94, have won national awards, gained entry into prestigious writing schools, and overcome everything from depression to learning disabilities. They have experienced the joy of seeing their words in print for the very first time.

Many shared memories they’d never spoken. Many chose not to pursue publication, but experienced a depth of creative fulfillment, self-awareness, and self-expression that made them feel heard and seen in ways that changed them forever.

Creative Journey Companion

You may not care about publishing outcomes. You may not be comfortable writing at all, but you have a storyteller in you. I witness your journey and affirm what your heart is whispering. I co-create with you according to what your inner artist needs and longs for.  This is a path to being heard and seen, participating in weekly guidance and meditation, and developing self-expression. You feel a greater sense of self-acceptance and freedom. This is about who you are as a human being on a spiritual and creative path.

What clients are saying . . .

  • Christi has seen me through writing my first novel from beginning to end, from getting past putting the first word on the page to final editing – and is now shepherding me through the process of getting published.  She is a master of the art of offering encouraging criticsm.  I can’t imagine writing without her.

    Susan Harding
  • Thanks for making life more fun.

  • Thank you so much for the honesty, encouragement and great coaching in general. 

  • Thank you so much for being there for me. I could not make this progress without you cheering me on! 

  • You have helped me get off center with this project, so already you are a success as my coach. I am out of my ‘stuckness!’ Thank you! 

I look forward to hearing from you about your writing struggles, challenges and dreams.

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