Christi Krug

Author, Writing Coach; Owner, Wildfire Writing

I dare create, helping others do the same.

I seek to learn about the creative process so that I can guide you in your potential as an artist, writer, or literary artist. I coach writers around the world via Zoom (during the pandemic) or over coffee, in small groups, and also in larger settings, inspiring audiences in the hundreds.

I write poetry, fantasy, children’s novels, literary fiction, memoir, autobiographical fiction, a smattering of horror, inspiration, self-help . . . and you might want to check back, because next week it could be different.

I doodle, paint, hike, teach yoga, and explore. I love journaling, healthful living, fairy tales, spiritual practice, my family, and the outdoors.

I’m all about listening for the story, whether in my dreaming chair or in a business office, helping authors, entrepreneurs, and larger-ranging companies by listening to their stories.

I help authors develop their books, working with clients across the country, offering top-notch technical skills while connecting to the bigger picture: for me, that means inspiring and developing the writer creatively.

Additionally, I edit for a small group of clients, too, always striving to be positive, personal, and authentic.

I’m constantly nudging myself over hurdles of self-criticism and fear of failure, while empowering others to rise above their roadblocks. I believe in breaking out of the ordinary, expanding out of known, safe realms, and busting critical thoughts.

I’m always trying something new in my personal creating—whether or not I think people will get it. I’d rather reach for the quirky, innovative, and untried rather than do what is comfortable and established.

I help people rediscover a zest for living by guiding them into a realm of play, where they can inhabit the moment. By listening, I teach each writer to listen to her own ideas and discover her own voice.

I believe in falling in love with the creative process and letting go of fear of the outcome, so that you can trust your wildest ideas, finding freedom and joy in the now, expressing who you really are.

I establish a supportive yet carefree environment where you can belly-laugh, scream, weep, and whisper with your creative voice—and know that everyone around you is loving what you have to say. I create groups where people discover their best self—a self that listens and believes in others. As one writer said, “Christi attracts good, encouraging people. I always feel safe in her class.”

I’m known for encouraging beginners and giving them a strong foundation, and also providing in-depth tutoring for those advancing in the skills of fiction, creative nonfiction, and memoir.

I have a special gift with sensitive types who have been shut off or wounded, through childhood trauma, or perhaps by simply ignoring their own talents. As the once-invisible child in my family of origin, I am able to guide people into being seen and heard—sometimes for the first time in their lives.

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