March 30, 2013 Christi

Writing A Book: Wildfire Writers Show How It’s Done

There are so many books being born from the Wildfire Writing community that I’m having a hard time keeping up!



Under the pen name Eileen Danielson, Linda Odenberg has authored a new enchanting, intriguing novel, An Evening with the Captain. This book is both cozy and adventurous and I’m delighted to have been a part of Linda’s team.

 Jerusha Jones has authored three novels in the Imogene Museum Mystery Series. I got to hear from the latest novel just last week–highly entertaining!


Shirley Graybill recounts an honest story of grief, loss, and faith, in Second Chances. This book is a must for anyone who has survived the death of a spouse. As a reviewer notes, this book will strengthen your soul.


Another memoir, which will tickle your funnybone at the same time it inspires you, is Mary DeYon’s What Does Love Have to Do With It? As you can imagine when you read her writing, it was enormous fun to work with Mary on this book.



 Eileen Elliott’s Miles of Pies is a wonderful amalgam of memoir, poetry, history, and genealogy. Every time I read one of the poems, I’m struck by the surprise of its layers.

You’ll find gut-busting humor and plenty of curiosities in The Lining of the Cloud, by Bruce Norman, G.C. Troop, Hillary Brotherton, Morry Butler, and L.B. Arnold.

If you’re writing a book, you can get inspired by others who didn’t give up on their idea. There are many more creations, blogs, stories circulating and I hope to celebrate more of them here in the next few weeks. Thanks, writers.

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