March 18, 2013 Christi

New Book: Burn Wild: A Writer’s Guide to Creative Breakthrough

6-Burn-Wild-front-Cover The book is less than two weeks away from release date! I have so many people to thank for bringing this guide into the world. Truly, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Today, I’m so very grateful to book designer, Kathy Campbell, at Gorham Printing. I cannot say enough good things about her talented, timely, expert help. Likewise, the entire Gorham Printing team are top-notch.

Also, thank you to literary agent April Eberhardt who started me on this journey over a year ago. She pressed me to take action with this book, and I did, and I’m so glad I didn’t wait for the stars to align or the mood to strike. And thank you, dear readers and friends, students and writing pals, teachers and poets, for sharing adventures with words, stories and possibilities.

Whew. Two thank-yous today. I only have about 699 people left to thank . . .


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  1. I love the title, and the cover looks FANTASTIC! So fun. Can’t wait for the rest of it 🙂

    • Christi

      Gypsy, that means a lot coming from you – a writer I admire.

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