March 19, 2013 Christi

An Eye for Miracles, A Hand Removing Blocks

The very best thing about giving presentations and workshops is meeting amazing, generous, creative people. One comment has stayed with me for three months.

1 fireIt’s what one particular author at SCBWI Western Washington, said about the creative process. Dana Sullivan, the multi-talented illustrator, blogger, cartoonist and graphic designer, noted: “My biggest obstacle to writing is . . . Dana Sullivan.”

I thought this was brilliant. Once we realize we are our greatest obstacle, we find true creative freedom. That freedom certainly shows up in Dana’s delightful blog.

Here’s a fabulous cartoon by Dana Sullivan, commemorating the event. (We weren’t really wearing pajamas – but next time I’ll consider it!) dana sullivan's pic of me and kirby

It was thrilling to get to lead a session prior to Kirby Larson‘s keynote speech, as this Newbery-Honored author accepted the Crystal Kite Award. Her words brought listeners to the edge of tears, with the story of her brave, loving grandmother, of persistence, hope, missed airplanes, and a host of accidents that have added up to miracles in her life and career.

And yet another wonder of that December workshop: Deb Lund. This fun, clever author greeted me with the smile and hug I needed after a long drive. She got me laughing, she sparked my mind with her own brand of breakthrough creativity.

Gratitude, gratitude.

I’m catching up on all my weeks and weeks of acquired blessings – as I’ve been swamped getting my new book out. And now I can take a breather, and appreciate all these amazing people I can meet and emulate.

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  1. Christi, your enthusiasm and encouragement are thrilling and infectious! You really do help folks get “unstuck.” Your exercise turning a potentially negative trait into a positive one to be grateful for made a real difference for me the night of your presentation at SCBWI. Thank you very much!

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