November 8, 2012 Christi

Creativity: A Perfect Morning

I feel so lucky to live in Portland (the Washington side!) and enjoy our community of writers, poets, artists, and creative thinkers.  Today, everywhere I turn, I encounter creativity in someone who is sharing their wisdom.  After a 5 a.m. journaling session and a lovely nap, the day began with an email conversation with Laura Stanfill, fabulous editor of Brave on the Page, an exciting new book featuring local writers. Next, I nailed down my spring teaching schedule at Clark College, thanks to the patient and fabulous program manager, JoAnn Ames.  I shared a word with the inspirational Mary DeYon, author of What Does Love Have to Do With It.

I touched base, then, with my new web advisor, Alex at Threadesign, who made this new website possible with his top-notch skills and generous spirit.

If that wasn’t enough, I was then blessed to attend a poetry reading by the delightful, funny, and esteemed Matthew Dickman. I couldn’t take notes fast enough, trying to capture all my favorite phrases.

After these word adventures, I slipped in (a little late), to my watercolor class taught by the kind, talented Lee Baugham. There was chocolate to nibble, and I got some great advice on my painting from the gifted artist beside me.

And then, I went for a walk along the Columbia River, just as the sun was bursting from the clouds, dancing among the golden fallen leaves.

Lucky me.

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    • Christi

      Thank you! I’ve been meaning to change it for the longest time, over a year. So thankful for angels who showed up.

  1. We are so lucky to live here, aren’t we, Christi! Thanks for the shout-out and for being part of my writing community.

    And I love the new look!

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