July 12, 2013 Christi

Why I Prefer To Write Longhand

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As a writer and game designer, I’ve spent a good chunk of the past thirty years trying to do various types of creative work while sitting, standing, or slouching at a computer keyboard (and, more recently, a touchscreen).

Christi Krug‘s insight:

This is so important – to notice what is actually productive and creative in your process, not just busy work. Sometimes we need to rethink our techy ways and ask if they are helping in ways that count.


For me, this means going back to the "old ways" rooted in this body of mine. Things such as touching the paper with my hands. (Is this not what hands are for?)


This is why I ask my students to write longhand, at least for the first few weeks. To try it out, to experiment with it, to notice that it connects to the brain and body in a deep way. I don’t want to lose that connection.

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