May 8, 2014 Christi

The Why of What You Do

When we create, it’s vital to connect to the why. And also the who.

This week, meeting with clients preparing to write books, I asked, “Who do you imagine your reader to be?”

This is not to say that we write focused solely on the reader. Rather, we have a sense of plunging into our own story, curiosity, and what delights us. At the same time, we are not alone, and there’s synergy in identifying those people who need what we have to share.

Connecting with these people propels us forward.

It’s helpful to take note of what is most rewarding for you in your creative work. What are the responses that make you soar, and why?

When I get a comment about my work – whether writing, art, or teaching – if the comment captures something I’m really wanting to bring forward, I celebrate. This feels like the best kind of success.

I want to say: You get it! You’ve seen my dream!

These words from Wildfire Writer, George, made me feel that way this week.

I wanted to mention last night’s Wildfire Writing class. As a writer I have to express my thoughts.

You are incredibly talented in enabling people to write down their personal stories. More so then I ever realized from the many classes that I have taken from you in the past.

You have more than a writing/teaching talent; you possess an honest concern for people. It was amazing to listen to some of the personal journeys from the women. I was so touched by the care and thoughtfulness you gave to each individual and the circumstances of the story they each unveiled, possibly for the first time.

You are without a doubt making a significant difference in the lives of the many people who walk through the doorway of your classroom. Thank you for doing what you do.

 You are so, so welcome, my friend.





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