August 28, 2013 Christi

When You’re Stuck in the Middle of the Muddy Muddy Puddle – Combustus

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When it comes to learning how to tune down the inner critic, the affects can be far-reaching: Not only can you free yourself up to be more spontaneous and adventurous with the project you’re working on, but, as Krug points out, the benefits can…

Christi Krug‘s insight:

I did some work with an amazing business coach this morning, who encouraged me to celebrate my gift for helping people find their voice, get unstuck, and work through the muddy middles of their stories.


Delightful Deanna Peowaty told me the same thing when we talked after my Combustus interview with her last month. Hurray for the middles!  They can be bewildering, but as you persist in telling your story, they give way to clarity and delight.

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