May 29, 2014 Christi

The Creative Process, Station Two: Draft Camp

draft camp

Draft Camp is the place in the creative process where you make a decision: Here’s where I’m going to camp out. Make a commitment to this particular idea; stay with it.

Camping, you risk rain and cold and all kinds of discomfort in the hope that this could be the best adventure of your life.

Things here are accomplished roughly.  Your perceptions may change again and again. But whatever happens in Draft Camp is meant to happen. It is never a waste of time.

–Excerpted from Burn Wild: A Writer’s Guide to Creative Breakthrough

The sign says, “Pack it in, Pack it out – please!” In Draft Camp, nothing is thrown away – even when it feels like trash. Keep it with you.

Save your work, including each draft.

All you need are the basics; nothing fancy. Keep it simple. Keep it rough. Keep on pushing through, one idea at a time.

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