April 2, 2024 Christi

Springing Into Story

Celebrating Creation

The nature of creation is that it wants to be witnessed. Ray Bradbury called the universe “a big theatre,” remarking how theatre needs an audience.

We are the audience for what surrounds us. It is our human task to appreciate creation – and this includes the things we ourselves create!

I love the exuberance of beholding fresh creations. (Gerard Manley Hopkins does too!)

I’m celebrating some fresh stories that blend real events with fantasy . . . they are what-if tales.

Dappled Things will feature “Girl U Want” in their forthcoming (Spring 2024) issue. It all starts with a Craigslist Ad, with a woman in a suburban driveway inspecting an antique desk, before she is lifted into another realm.

I love Dappled Things journal so much! They explore faith through such evocative lenses. (Incidentally, they take their name from a line in “Pied Beauty,” by Gerard Manley Hopkins.)

In May, the fantasy podcast Imagitopia will air my story “Blood Feathers” . . .

. . . in which a suburban mom finds eery connections to a life she no longer remembers.

Links forthcoming.

Happy Spring Creations!


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