January 4, 2024 Christi

Poetry Marathon III

I'm writing a poem a day in February!

Dear friends, I’m challenged, excited, baffled, stumped, inspired, energized, disorganized, and not exactly sure if I’m in my right mind. I’m volunteering again to be a Tupelo Press 30/30 Poet for leap year! Perhaps it’s for the love, the challenge, the creation, the wonder—but probably not for the stress, the demand, the discomfort of sharing unfinished work. Regardless, in February 2024 I’ll be doing a marathon of writing 30 poems in 30 days for Tupelo Press. Your sponsorships will mean so much!

The countdown to February begins! Enjoy the poems of January 2024, and wait expectantly with me to see what the next month brings. All will be working poems—most in draft form—because no poem lands whole the day it emerges.

And this shivery newness/discomfort/vulnerability/possibility/strength is an integral part of growing as a creator. We never feel just one thing. But willingness to leap ahead is everything!

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