April 1, 2014 Christi

Resources for National Poetry Month

This is it!  National Poetry Month is the time to be surrounded by inspirational resources. You could write your very first poem, or collection of poems.

Never-too-late---leafThe poet William Stafford lived the spirit of National Poetry Month before such a thing existed. He wrote a poem every day – just calling it that, calling it good, even when he didn’t feel his work measured up. He made the call that it was good enough.

Another of my favorite Oregon writers, Brian Doyle, shared some words about Stafford with the Portland Tribune. “I love the fact that he thought everyone was a poet, if only we pay attention to the miracle of what is and report on it without fuss and bluster.”

Paying attention to the miracle of what is. Making a report. So simple.

Here are some resources for National Poetry Month:

And a way to see if you might be a poet, even if you’ve never considered it before. Because it’s a good time for that.

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