February 1, 2022 Christi

I’m Writing A Marathon!

Accepting the Challenge to Write a Poem A Day for 30 Days

I’m running in a marathon – of poetry!

I’ve been invited to be a guest poet for Tupelo Press in their 30/30 Project. Along with eight other writers, I have committed to write 30 poems over 30 days, beginning February 1. It’s challenging; I have a day job and I’m easily sidetracked, as we all are. But this is calling to me: the chance to make a difference in the literary arts, which enhances our lives in deep ways.

Each of my poems, in its raw form, will appear online on the Tupelo Press canvas, each day. You can access them right here on my blog. I have set a goal to raise $500 to support this wonderful literary nonprofit, and I’m asking you to donate as I write my poems!

In February, you can read my daily work as it emerges each day, as well as the work of my eight cohorts. Together we hope to fund the beautiful vessel of the humanities that is Tupelo Press.

You could donate $1 per poem, or $5 a week, or perhaps a one-time gift that would help me exceed the $500 goal. You can donate here.

On Mondays I will send out a weekly update to donors with a behind-the -scenes commentary on one or more poems, and what went into the making of the poem. (Some poems may be very intimate, others silly, and all will be a complete surprise to us all.)

What world would it be without this magic? Poetry captures our human experience and brings it to the page so we can feel and see and live particular moments again and again.

For years, I was too busy with others’ writing to focus on my own. Then, the pandemic brought sweeping changes and I didn’t have to commute to venues or Clark College classrooms anymore, as my teaching went virtual. I realized I had enough time, and with the support of family and friends, I went forward.

In 2021, my writing appeared in Luna Station Quarterly, Nightingale & Sparrow, The Griffel, Montana Mouthful, The Sun, Saturday Evening Post, Nat. Brut, Sad Girls Lit, The Good Life Review, Nat. Brut, and Halfway Down the Stairs. These pieces were speculative fictions, stories both real and imagined, and poems. And the new publishing event starts tomorrow!

I can hardly wait to see what I can do with you by my side in 2022, beginning with the 30/30 Project.

Deep breath . . . here I go!

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