May 9, 2014 Christi

Small Press Love

3 books


Last week, three volumes showed up on my doorstep – anthologies by lovely, local small presses.

Pacific Northwest small publishers are made up of living, breathing, dynamic, literary heroes.

Drawn to Marvel is a hoot, expansive, and fascinating. It features my prose poem, “Pencil Boy,” which first appeared in Dixon Ticonderoga, a zine edited by the illustrious Stevan Allred of the small press, Red Cat Press.

Because of Drawn to Marvel, I can now say I’ve been published alongside Sherman Alexie, one of my uncaped heroes whose work is featured here.

These are poems inspired by comic books, with all the humor and kapow! you would expect. Edited by Bryan Dietrich and Marta Ferguson of Minor Arcana Press.

Ghost Town Poetry, Volume II, is a collection of poems penned by participants in the Ghost Town Reading series. This is a literary series hosted by the fabulous Christopher Luna and Toni Partington of Printed Matter Vancouver, who edited the collection.

The book celebrates a decade of their caring, brilliant efforts nurturing emerging poets alongside those nationally renowned.

Luna and Partington expand the heart of every poetry lover and community builder in the Vancouver/Portland area. I’m delighted that my poem, “On the Path,” found a home here.

I was also pleased to be a part of Ghost Town Poetry, Volume I.

The Night, and the Rain, and the River is an alluring collection of character-driven, voice-driven short stories, edited by literary powerhouse Liz Prato and published by Forest Avenue Press.

This press is making a name for itself as the place to get published in Portland. Dynamo Laura Stanfill shines a spotlight on every author, and Tuesday’s release at Powell’s was no exception, giving me the chance to autograph my story, “The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.” Below I’m with Tracy Stepp, copy editor.

Guess you could say I’m Drawn to Marvel at Ghost Town Night Rain. Thank you, wonderful small presses.

tracy stepp and christi at powells

Photo by Laura Stanfill.

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